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Scott & Bliss  During this time, we played with band mates like Steve Cook on bass, later replaced by Kirk Carr; Ralf Armin on guitar, who also played in Ms. Carriage and the Casual Tease, Culturcide, and the Introverts; and Bart Enoch, David Parker and finally, Frank Garymartin on the drums. But the music on the records was all composed by Scott, and some of it was actually all performed him as well, with the musicians learning the parts off of the album tracks. Later records like "Destroy Me, Lover" had more live band performance.    

We did a lot of local touring, going to San Antonio to play with our friends The Evil Mothers; to Lafayette, Louisiana to play with Bubba Daddy; to Dallas to play at the Trees lounge with the Toadies and other Dallas groups; to Austin to play with label mates Drain (King's side project), Ed Hall, Crust, Cherubs, John Boy, Lithium Xmas, and Sixteen Deluxe.

We did a West Coast tour in 1990 with Japanese noise guitarist K.K.Null of Zeni Geva, with whom we later played with in San Francisco at the Kennel Club in 1991, along with Neurosis, who got a label deal with Alternative Tentacles out of the show. We also had friends in other cities around the country, Lori Barbero from Babes in Toyland in Minneapolis; David Yow and his wife Suzi Korn and all our friends from Touch & Go Records, who manufactured and distributed Trance Syndicate; Ronnie Bond from Houston punk godfathers Really Red in Seattle; Eldon M. from Subterranean Records in San Francisco; Ian MacKaye from Fugazi in D.C.; Martin in Boston; Bikini Kill in Olympia; and lots of other cool folks around the country who let us share their floors for the night along the way.

The 1993 tours (more than two months total) proved too much for us and we decided to regroup. What ended up happening was a return to our original studio project (the really fun part for me and an ongoing obsession for Scott) and recorded one final album, "Beast of Dreams" during 1994. It was released on Trance in October of 1995 and at that point we parted ways to work on separate projects, Scott doing more studio work at Walking Timebombs and myself moving to New York to explore the fringes of jazz.

I had been saving reviews, interviews, and photos over the years hoping to create a place on the web about the band, since we broke up just before the advent of the internet and there wasn't much to be found about us. So now it's finally available for you. I hope you enjoy the trip.