Bliss Blood and Al Street

"Evanescent" is the first original cd released by a duo project featuring Bliss Blood (The Moonlighters, Pain Teens) on vocals and ukulele, and Al Street on guitar (Sugarman Three, Sweet Divines). They formed the band to write original songs in the summer of 2010. They released their first 10-song cd "Evanescent" in February 2011 and have two songs featured in the NY indie film "Hello Lonesome." They released their second cd in September 2011, "Live on the Lilac", a 17-song live performance recorded in July 2011 on the Lilac lighthouse tender boat on the Hudson River, NYC.

They play regularly in New York City area. Their songs are erotic, sensual, stripped-down rhapsodies to longing, love, heartbreak, and secret desires, and tap into musical styles from across the sound spectrum, from flamenco to jazz to punk rock to North African music, anchored by Al Street's lyrical, virtuosic guitar, and Bliss Blood's dreamy, cinematic, and deeply amorous lyrics.

Bliss Blood began her career as vocalist and songwriter in the band Pain Teens in Houston and continued to write music and perform with The Moonlighters and Delta Dreambox, among other bands, in New York City since 1995.

Al Street is a master of style and of the guitar itself. He has played at the world's top festivals, and can be heard on the Major Motion Picture "American Gangster" soundtrack, as well as "Three Days of Rain" with Grammy winner Bob Belden. Al Street has traveled to Venezuela, Honduras, Peru and Syria as a U.S. Department of State Jazz Ambassador.








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